About Us

The game of golf is a complex, fun, and challenging sport that just about anyone can play, but having the right gear is essential if you want to play your best game. At Golf Loves, we absolutely adore the game of golf and understand that you love it too, which is why we are 100 percent dedicated to providing you with interesting blog posts on golf, reviews on all of the best golf products, and articles that can help you learn a little more about the gear itself.


We even have golf news and golfing guides for your best game, so we’d love for you to treat Golf Loves as a one-stop-shop for just about all of your needs. We want the game of golf to increase in popularity, which is why the site was designed to be so accessible for both beginner and advanced golfing enthusiasts, so take a look around.


It’s important to understand that golfing isn’t a sport that is just for the pros – it’s for everyone. Making this game feel more accessible is definitely one of our most important mission statements. You should feel that you can go and play a few rounds of golf and still have the tools that you need to play on par (pun intended) with the players that frequent the course on a weekly or even daily basis.


Our site is usable on just about any device, so take a look at our reviews and guides at home, on your couch while you watch TV, or while you’re at the course on your smartphone. We simply have some of the best information for golfing on the net, so feel free to use the page to up your game. You’ll even be able to find some information on some of the best golf equipment available on the net through Golf Loves, which we hope will foster in you the same level of love and respect that we have for this game.

Our Founder

The founder of Golf Loves, Joas Root, has been a golf enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Several years ago, he realized that there is a real shortage of top-quality golfing websites where players of all levels can go to really find the best gear, guides, and golfing articles, and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, which is why Joas created Golf Loves.


Now that a few years have passed since Joas set out on this incredible journey, he has a great sense of pride in having a part in founding and creating a site that can be used by the average golfer to become better and excel at the sport of golf. He also thanks his talented team for helping his dream come to reality, and he can’t wait to bring visitors of every skill level some truly useful golf-related content.