Adams Golf Women’s M2657503 Golf Fairway Wood Review

Best Golf Driver for More Flex – Adams Golf Women’s M2657503 Golf Fairway Wood

When you’re a lady that wants a top-notch driver that isn’t expensive, then you should definitely consider this product from Adams Golf. Not only is it lightweight and easy to swing, but it also has a cool blue aesthetic that’s very attractive.

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Aesthetic Design

Adams Golf Women's M2657503 Golf Fairway WoodAs mentioned the aesthetic design uses a light blue coloration that is very eye-catching. When it comes to the shape of the driver, it has a very rounded design that is also very cool-looking for those that want a unique shaping. The groove is also great for providing a cool design cue, and it’s also very functional for providing more flex.


Head Size


The head size on this product is fairly large for a women’s driver, which means that there’s a lot of extra force in your standard drives. The loft on this driver is between 25 and 28 degrees, which means that you can get a lot of power in your shots. This is a product that is a five wood driver, but it also manages to feel very light and comfortable during extended golf games.


Course Performance


This driver uses progressive face thickness, which allows for maximum ball speed when making center-propelled drives. Additionally, this driver incorporates Velocity Shot Technology, which allows for additional flex and speed across the majority of the driver’s face. The shaft also uses SlimTech, which provides an extra kick for those longer shots. This is a great driver for just about any golfer that is new to the sport because the drive will be VERY forgiving; you’ll even find hitting a three off the deck to be much easier with the Adams Golf Women’s M2657503 Golf Fairway Wood.



  • The grip on this product really stands out; it’s easy to dig in without needing to clinch the hand muscles.
  • The company tests this club more than four times to ensure that it’s within the prescribed USGA limits.
  • This is a driver that’s been constructed of lightweight and strong titanium.
  • The weighting of the driver can be adjusted just by using a screwdriver.



  • Unfortunately, the slot at the base of the driver tends to pick up a lot of grass.
  • For some golfers, it can be a bit too light.
  • The launch angle is higher than most drivers, which can be a bit disconcerting.

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