Bullet Golf- U.S.A. B52 Bomber Limited Edition Driver

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Best Golf Driver for Your Grip-Bullet Golf- U.S.A. B52 Bomber Limited Edition Driver

If you are looking for a unique gold driver that is not going to be a common sight on the course, then the Bullet Golf- U.S.A. B52 Bomber Limited Edition Driver is a great option for you. It is a limited edition driver that falls within USGA standards for weight and head size, and it is truly a nice driver to give you the accuracy and the distance that you need to meet par.

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Aesthetic Design

Bullet Golf- U.S.A. B52 Bomber Limited Edition DriverThis driver is white, which makes it very easy to see against the green grass, and it has silver, red, and blue features to give it more of a patriotic look as you play. The B52 is a great looking driver that all of your friends will envy on the links.


Head Size


When it comes to the head of this club, it is on the larger end of things. At 460cc, it is designed to give you the speed that you need while reducing the spin on the ball when you hit the ball in the sweet spot. If you need to drive your ball farther onto the green, then this is the perfect driver to help you increase your distance.


Course Performance


One of the things that many golfers find to be exceptional with this driver is the fact that it has a lot of 10.5, so you can easily lift the ball off of the ground and give it the air that it needs to be fully aerodynamic and reach your destination. The graphite shaft will feel great in your hands, and since it is one of the more forgiving models available, you will easily be able to make par when you start with this driver. On the top of the shaft, you will find a soft rubber grip so that your hands do not get fatigued as you play. More details here.



  • The B52 is a driver that has a great weight so that you can get the distance that you need without getting fatigued.
  • The hand grips are great for fighting fatigue.
  • It comes with a head cover to protect it from the elements.


  • There are no lines on this model that show you where the sweet spot is.
  • It is a limited edition, so there are not many color options for this club available.

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