Caddymatic Golf 360 SwivelEase 3 Wheel Folding Golf Cart

Best Golf Cart for Easy Storage- Caddymatic Golf 360 SwivelEase 3 Wheel Folding Golf Cart:

If you’re a fan of the aesthetic design, then you’ll definitely love this sleek, well-designed golf cart from Caddymatic. This is a three-wheel product, and it has more than its fair share of bells and whistles that make it a good choice for any golfer looking for a good workhorse-style product.

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Course Performance- Caddymatic Golf 360 SwivelEase 3 Wheel Folding Golf Cart

To start, this cart has a tripod type of orientation, and as a result, there’s a high level of stability that some three-wheel carts can’t quite aspire to. The handle of this product has also been recently upgraded in this version so that it’s more ergonomic and can be pushed from a few different positions. This handle is also very wide and has a good grip, which provides easier control.

Caddymatic Golf 360 SwivelEase 3 Wheel Folding Golf Cart

Who wants to purchase a cart that doesn’t stand the test of time? Fortunately, Caddymatic designed this product to last; it’s constructed of durable aluminum and has tougher components like nylon bag straps, which will last you for years of course playing. When unfolded, the cart has a sizing of 49 x 29 x 45 inches, but when it’s time to go, the product folds down to a very svelte 25.5 x 17.5 x 19 inches, so it should be easily stored in a very tight space.


Wheel Design

Like the best three-wheel products, this push cart uses a design that incorporates larger rear wheels and a smaller front wheel. This design allows for excellent stability and control and tilts the momentum forward, which increases the maneuverability. Additionally, this is a product that incorporates a fully-swiveling front wheel. Some courses require extra maneuverability to help avoid those pesky course features, so having this ability to turn sharply is a major advantage. The wheel can swivel a full 360 degrees, so you shouldn’t have any issue when it comes time to turn.


The wheels also are pretty fast thanks to their ball bearing construction, so zipping around the course at your own pace shouldn’t be an issue. They are also designed with different terrains in mind and have unique textures, which will allow for navigation on loose soil, mud, or even snow for those golfers that like to golf all-year-round.


Additional Features

This attractive golf cart has an excellent suite of extra features that include a scorecard holder, an umbrella holder, and a ball holder. The product also unfolds and folds up quickly when you’re getting to the course and when you’re ready to go, which cuts down on the hassle factor.

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What I liked

  • This is a cart that folds up very easily.
  • With an aluminum frame, this push cart is very sturdy yet is light enough for most golfers to carry it from hole to hole.
  • The company’s SwivelEase front wheel provides a lot of maneuverability.

What I Disliked

  • This product could have used a handbrake. Unfortunately, there’s just a foot brake on the rear wheel.
  • The handle isn’t adjustable for smaller golfers, but you can change its angle if that helps.

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