Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver Review

Best Golf Driver for Adjustability – Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver

With a name like “Big Bertha,” you know that this is a sturdy driver that provides a lot of power and control. This product, which is manufactured by Callaway Golf, comes in two flex levels and even has options insofar as loft, so you’ll have options. The product has an amazing face, and it’s also known for its adjustable weighting features. The Big Bertha driver also has something of an iconic history and is one of Callaway’s most asked-for brands of a driver.

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Aesthetic Design

Callaway Men's Big Bertha DriverFrom an aesthetic point of view, this driver has a very futuristic design. It has navy blue highlights along the outside, and a white-backed Big Bertha logo in the bottommost section of the driver. It also has a groove that has its own useful functionality that we’ll talk about in the “course performance” section of the review. The head itself is very rounded so that you can achieve some excellent glide, and the face is overlarge for a more stable contact experience.


Head Size


This is a large-headed product as you might expect, and as a result, there’s a huge amount of control on this product. Callaway crafted this product out of forged composite, which at once makes it powerful on the hit and relatively light when taking its overall size into account.


Course Performance


The main draw of the Big Bertha is its weight adjustability. As mentioned, there’s a slot along the back of the head; with this slot, you can adjust the weight from the front to the back of the driver, which allows you to really fine tune how your swing performs. Additionally, the Hyper Speed Face on this product also is one of the most forgiving face systems on the market – it’s nearly effortless to hit accurately with this face. More details here.




  • This is a good driver for golfers that don’t hit with the center and those that do.
  • The adjustable perimeter weighting provides a high level of swing control.
  • There is Opti-fit Hosel tech that also can help you adjust your swing conditions.


  • Clear instructions for how to adjust the hosel aren’t provided.
  • It isn’t quite as forgiving as previous Big Bertha models.
  • The loft adjustment screw can loosen over time, which can be annoying.

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