Callaway Men’s XR Driver Review: Best For 2018

Best Driver for Speed- Callaway Men’s XR Driver

The shape of this club is instrumental in reducing the amount of drag that you experience during your swing. This means that the ball will be able to speed to the green, especially if you are able to hit the sweet spot. If you have found that your ball does not get the lift that you want in the past, then this is a great driver for you to try because you can easily adjust the loft and the lie to help you launch the ball at the trajectory that works best for your play style. In fact, there are eight different settings that you can choose from this club.

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The shaft of this club is designed to be lightweight and adjustable so that any golfer will feel comfortable using it. This means that the flex can be adjusted to the light, regular, or stiff, so choose the option that best fits your swing. In addition, you may have noticed that the head of this club is larger than many drivers that you find on the market. This provides a more efficient transfer of energy when you hit the ball because the center of gravity is actually 17 percent lower than it was in previous models.


When it comes to performance, this product provides good distance, a great grip, and a lightweight form factor, which can help you achieve a speedy drive off of the tee. It’s the fact that this driver combines both a speedy swing with a large amount of forgiveness that makes it a true stand out product. For this reason, this is a great driver for just about anyone from beginner to intermediate golfers.


One of the first things that you might notice about this driver is its unique aesthetic. Just looking at it might remind you of Nascar, and Callaway was surely going for a race-inspired look during the design process. Not only is the blue on this driver designed to look metallic, but there are also several speed lines and designs on the driver that support the sensation of aerodynamics.


To ensure a good level of forgiveness, the product uses the R MOTO face design that has been used for prior Callaway drivers like the Big Bertha 815. The hosel on this product is also very adjustable, which can help you change the loft on the product across a range of three degrees. Additionally, this hosel adjustability also will help you achieve a couple of different face angles. More details here.


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