Cobra King Ltd Driver Review: Left & Right Hand

Best Driver for Distance – Cobra King Ltd Driver

When you first look at this driver, the first thing that you are going to notice is the bright orange spaceport that is located on the bottom of the club. The rest of the driver is a smooth black color, so it really stands out on the green. When you take a closer look, you will realize that the port is designed to open so that you can adjust the weight of the head internally instead of using free weights. It can be adjusted anywhere from zero to 14 grams, so finding your ideal weight should be simple.

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In addition, the weight is positioned low in the head of the club, which gives the club a lower center of gravity. This helps to ensure that your ball launches perfectly off of the tee with a low spin rate that will get your ball to the green quickly. When you look inside the head, everything is labeled, and easy to decipher. To ensure that the port does not open during your game, there is a spiral locking system that is designed to prevent the vibrations from loosening it on the links.

Cobra decided to strive for a very light driver that will not fatigue you on the course, so they used TeXtreme Carbon to do this. As a result, the crown of this club is about 20 percent lighter than a driver that is made from standard carbon fiber.


Cobra has dubbed the “Space Port,” which almost seems like a window into the head of the driver. This is a removable component that exposes the almost completely hollow center of the driver. This port places the weight in the precise center of the driver, which makes the whole thing feel very smooth and vibration-free.


When it comes to the face, this driver has speed channels that are cut into the titanium surface, which helps keep your swing steady. The Cobra logo rests attractively around the sweet spot of the head, and this is a fairly forgiving product for newer golfers.


In addition to the functionality of this product, you may also love the high-tech aesthetic – Cobra employed NASA scientists in the creation of this product, which makes the whole driver appear space-ready. The driver comes with a wrench for adjusting the driver as well as a special adapter that can help you remove the Space Port, which makes the whole product seem much more premium; these components even come with a King-branded bag.

The head cover for this product is also very high-quality; it is cushioned, has King branding, and zips neatly so that your driver is protected. Wanted to know more. Check here!


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