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Best Type of Golf Carts for Your Game

Regardless of whether you golf on a daily basis or your time on the green is limited to a few times a month, you will find that using a golf cart to move your equipment to each of the 18 holes is going to make it much easier to traverse the course. That being said, there are quite a few different types of golf carts that you can consider. Some are manual carts that carry only your golf gear, while other carts can make it easier for you to travel from hole to hole as well. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you so that you can be prepared for your next game of golf.

Different Types of Golf Carts

Push Golf Carts

Golf push carts are probably the most common type of cart that you will see on the green because they are simple to push, easy to store, and they are a very versatile option that can traverse grass, sand, and uneven ground. Because of their relatively light weight, these carts can easily be controlled, and they can also be lifted into a vehicle’s trunk without much effort. Many of these models have three wheels, but if you want a model that has more stability, you can also get push golf carts that have a four-wheel design without breaking the bank. In fact, push golf carts are probably one of the most economically sound options to consider when you are looking for a new cart.

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With this option, you will strap your golf bag right to the structure of the cart, and depending on the brand that you purchase, you may find that there are a good bit of accessories built into the cart that makes golfing for hours more convenient. In fact, some of the best brands of golf push carts include things like a drink holder, a place to store your scorecards and pencil, and some even have a folding seat or an umbrella holder that allow you to sit down and relax in the shade for a bit.


Golf Pull Carts

Golf pull carts resemble push carts, but they typically only have a two-wheel design because they are meant to be pulled behind you when you walk. The third leg on the cart is designed to lift off of the ground when you move it. As with pushcarts, your golf bag will attach directly to the cart, and they are designed to easily fold up so that they can fit into your vehicle when you are traveling from course to course. A pull cart also has a lightweight design, so it is a great option for golfers who cannot lift a lot. One thing to remember with this type of golf cat is that there is not going to be much storage space, so if you decide to get a pull cart, make sure most of your gear fits into your golf bag.

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Remote Controlled Golf Carts

If you do not have the strength to push or pull your golf cart while you are on the green, you can consider a remote controlled golf cart instead. This option is very similar to push carts in design, but they are battery powered so that they can move across the green without your assistance. This allows you to keep your strength up for the game instead of getting winded traversing the course between holes. These models also typically fold down into a more convenient travel size, so you will still easily be able to fit it into your vehicle. These remotely controlled golf carts can have either three wheels or four, so if you tend to play on a hilly course, you may want to consider the wheel count to increase the stability of the cart.

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Electric Golf Carts

If you prefer to ride around the course instead of walking it, then you may want to consider an electric golf cart. This type of cart is powered by an electric motor that is eco-friendly, which means that you will not be polluting the air as you are traversing the course. They are also relatively quiet, so you will not disturb other golfers and the local wildlife as you travel from hole to hole. These carts can come with enough room for two to four passengers, so you and your buddies will be able to enjoy a ride.

If you tend to play on a course with a lot of hills, an electric golf cart can struggle to go up hills, especially if the battery is not fully charged, so make sure to consider that before making a purchase. They are easy to maintain and convenient to use, but this type of cart is going to need to be recharged, which is why many golfers keep a battery charger on their cart.

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Gas Power Golf Carts

This is another type of golf cart that is powered by a motor, but it is going to require unleaded gasoline to run. Because they utilize gas, they are going to be a little louder to run than an electric golf cart, but it will not be overly disruptive to other golfers on the course. Since there are more moving parts on this type of golf cart, it may also require more to maintain it. This means changing the oil, changing filters, and tuning up the engine from time to time.

Gas golf carts also have more torque, so many of these models are road legal, which means that you can drive them on the road as long as they can maintain the speed required to drive on that road. These carts typically run at much faster speeds than electric carts, and they tend to have much more power so that going across any terrain becomes easy, especially hills and steep inclines. In addition, when your gas starts to get low, you can simply drive to a gas station to refill instead of waiting for hours for the cart to recharge.

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Luxury Golf Carts

If you want to be the talk of the courses that you frequent, then a luxury golf cart will have you riding around the green in style. Of course, these carts are going to carry a hefty price tag, but they will also have features that cannot be found on other golf carts. Not only will the exterior be designed to look like your favorite luxury vehicle, but they will also have features like chrome grills, fog lights, turn signals, and stylish rims on the wheels. Inside, you can find luxury leather seats, a stereo, and a charger that you can use for your phone, tablet, or laptop. Some of the more luxurious golf carts on the market resemble a Cadillac Escalade, a hummer, and a 1930’s Roadster, so you can see there are quite a few options to match your style.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few different types of golf carts to consider, all of which can be great for a golfer. You will need to decide whether you prefer a manual cart or one that has a motor. Do you have the option for storing an electric or a gas powered golf cart, or will you need a golf cart that can easily be folded up and placed in the back of your vehicle? If you travel from course to course, versatility is going to be important, so make sure you consider features that may be useful to you on the green before you make a purchase.

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