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Golfing 101: An Essential Golf Cart Buying Guide

Traversing the links can be tiring, especially when you do not have a golf cart to help you carry your golf equipment and yourself from hole to hole. However, golf carts today can be much more than a tool to use on the course. In fact, some gas-powered models can even be driven on the road in some states. That being said, the primary purpose of a golf cart is to help you save your energy on the green so that you do not become winded at the 13th hole.

Finding the ideal golf cart for your needs may seem like a difficult task, but we have put together this golf cart buying guide to help simplify the process for you. In this guide, we will cover the different types of golf carts, features that you will want to consider, and the best brand options.

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Types of Golf Carts

If you are unfamiliar with the different types of golf carts that are available on the market, check out this guide. In general, you can consider a manual cart or one that is powered by a motor. Manual options are going to be the less expensive option of the two, but this is because they lack the motor, which is the most expensive part of a golf cart. Manual golf carts include:

  • Push Golf Carts–Push golf carts are typically designed with three to four wheels. Your golf bag straps to the frame of the cart, and you push it along the course as you move to the next hole.
    top golf push carts


  • Pull Golf Carts – This is the simplest type of golf cart that you can purchase. It is designed with two wheels, which means that it is tilted back and pulled behind you when you walk. If you have a limited budget, this may be a good option for you.Pull Golf carts

Powered golf carts tend to be much more luxurious because you do not have to move them manually.

Powered golf carts include:

  • Remote Controlled Golf Carts – This is very similar to a pushcart in design, but it is controlled remotely instead of you pushing it around on the green. They are typically designed with three to four wheels, so they will be able to handle most terrain.
    Remote controlled golf carts


  • Electric Golf Carts – This is the type of cart that you see being driven around in retirement communities. These golf carts can carry your golf equipment and give you a ride as well. In fact, most golf carts of this type carry one to six individuals, depending on the size of the golf cart that you purchase.
    Electric Golf Carts


  • Gas Golf Carts – This is another type of powered golf cart that you can use on the course, but this one also has enough speed and power to be driven on some roads. Before taking your golf cart out on the road, verify that it is legal in your state.
    Gas Power golf carts


Gas Vs. Electric

If you opt for a powered golf cart, you are going to need to decide whether you would like to purchase an electric or a gas-powered model. Let’s take a look at each to help you get an idea of which option is best for your needs.


  • ElectricElectric golf carts are quieter options that don’t emit emissions, so they are better for the environment. That being said, the battery life of electric golf carts can be limited, so you may only have six hours of use or so before it needs to be recharged.


  • Gas – Gas golf carts have more power, so they run at higher speeds. However, since it has an engine, it will require more to maintain. In addition, you will need to purchase gas to run this type of cart.


Features to Consider

No matter the type of golf cart that you decide to purchase, there are a few things that you will need to consider. Not all golf carts are made the same, so there may be features that you need to have on your cart that others may feel are a bit unnecessary.

For a manual cart without seats, you will want to look at:

  • Weight – If you are going to opt for a golf cart that you are going to have to maneuver, then it is vital that you purchase one that is not too heavy. If you are spending all of your energy moving your golf cart, then you are not going to have enough energy to finish your golf game without being winded.


  • Wheels – Consider the type of terrain that is on the courses that you use the most. Some models are best designed for flatter courses, while others can be great for hills. Make sure to take not only the wheel count into consideration but the tread on the wheels as well to ensure that you have the traction that you need to go up hills and through the sand.


  • Portability – Portability is a major consideration because if you cannot get your golf cart into your vehicle to go golfing, then there is no point in having it. Make sure to get a cart that can be folded up into a compact size that fits into your vehicle.


  • Accessories – You can get a barebones golf cart, but some accessories will make your golf games more luxurious. You can find golf carts with seats and umbrella holders that give you a place to relax in the shade. Some carts have drink holders as well as pockets to store snacks, balls, and your scorecard. Decide which accessories are important for your new golf cart to have before you make a purchase.


For a powered cart that has seats, you will need to consider:

  • Number of Seats – Both electric and gas-powered golf carts have seats that can carry you and a few other passengers across the course. Think about how many of your golf buddies you will want seats for so that you can ride together when you are traveling along the course.


  • Comfortability – When you are going to be using your golf cart a lot, you want to have comfortable seats. Make sure that the padding is to your liking and that the material on the seats is not hot, sticky, or uncomfortable to sit on when it is humid outside.


  • Driving Essentials – depending on where you live and how you are going to be using your golf cart, you may want some features that will make driving the vehicle safer, especially if you are driving it on the road. This can include a horn so that you can alert other drivers of your presence, mirrors so that you can see your surroundings as you drive, and headlights so that you can see when the sun starts to set. Some golf carts also have a windshield that will keep the bugs at bay, which can be great if you live in a swampy area where insects are plentiful.


  • Storage – If you are going to spend money on a luxury golf cart, you do not want to store it outside where it can be rained on constantly. You are going to want to make sure that you have a garage or a covered area that is large enough to accommodate any golf cart that you purchase.


Golf Cart Brands to Rely On

Now that you know what to look for in a golf cart, you may be wondering who makes the best golf cart. Well, there are quite a few options that you can consider, but a few of the most recognizable brands that have been on the market for a while are:

  • EZ GOThis is a company that came about in 1954. The company strives to manufacture high-quality golf carts that are reliable and affordable.


  • YamahaYamaha is a name that you are most likely familiar with, regardless of whether you have purchased a golf cart in the past or not. The company was founded in 1887, and it has been on the cutting edge of golf technology since its origin. If you are looking for a golf cart that you can customize to your needs, then this is a great option to consider.


  • Club CarThis is a great brand to choose when you are looking for bells and whistles on your golf cart. Typically, these carts are more luxurious, but they also have a higher price point to consider as well.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of considerations that you need to make in order to find the right golf cart. Hopefully, our golf cart buying guide has helped you find one that will accompany you on the golf course for years, but if you are still having trouble finding your ideal golf cart, take a look around our site. There are recommendations and reviews for every category of the golf cart that you can consider.

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