How to Make Golf Swing Better?

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Do you love golf and want to get better at it. Like Tiger Woods better? Well, to get to that level, it surely will take more practice and determination.

However, there is always a place to start. And perfecting your golf swing is one of such ways, but don’t you worry. We are here with some of the best tips on how you can achieve that.

Continue reading, and by the end of the article, your golf swing might be better than when you first started the article. We can assure you that!

Here are some certain tricks and techniques that are sure to spice up your golf swing game. Right from the basics of getting your backswing right to making the best impact. Are you ready?

Here we go!

How to Make Golf Swing Better
How to Make Golf Swings Better

Easy Golf Swing Technique

Step One

  • The Set-Up or Getting into Position

To ensure that your aim is accurate, Put the club behind the ball while the face points towards where you want the ball to land.

Then stand perpendicular to the face and play the ball while shifting your body slightly from the target.

Getting into Position
Getting into Position

This will give you a high launch as the drive is better with maximized motion. Don’t overthink it. Just imagine the perfect shot and go for it.

Step Two

  • Always Involve your Body Too

We know your arms are holding the club, and they are also responsible for hitting the ball. However, to get the right swing, you also need to use your body.

What does that mean?

The movement and power of your body right when you hit the ball are essential. Not only does it make irreversible damage easier to avoid, but it also helps keep you consistent.

Involve your Body
Involve your Body

So, position your club behind the ball, put your body in a firm position and hit the ball. You will see more differences now that you have involved your body too.

Step Three

  • Stop Flipping Your Swing!

You know those times when you want to take a shot, and you flip your swing hoping to drive your clubhead squarely at the ball?

Well, that doesn’t work; and we are sure you know that by now. If you don’t know, now you know. But how do you correct sure mistakes so that it doesn’t happen again?

Stop Flipping Your Swing!
Stop Flipping Your Swing!

For a better golf swing, ensure that your left forearm is angled slightly ahead of your ball. Maintain a bowed position and never cup your left wrist. This helps to reduce the tension in your arm.

Step Four

  • A Great Backswing

The better your backswing is the easier it is for you to return to the ball.

To get the perfect backswing, don’t lift out of your position, keep your right leg flexed, and ensure that it is pointing to your desired target when your club reaches the ground.

A Great Backswing
A Great Backswing

This means your club is on course and you don’t need to make any compensations.

Step Five

  • The Final Impact

All you have been doing since was to get you here. To get the perfect finish. And a good weight transfer is what you need.

The Final Impact
The Final Impact

Before the impact, ensure that the clubface is rotating close as your right arm extends and rolls over your left arm.

Then swing the ball out from the inside. This way, you get a repeatable and easy draw.

How can I improve my swing?

People always say we need to practice, but the problem is to know exactly what to practice. Remember golf is the game of the mind and the body, so before taking your swing, take your time.

Plan out your moves patiently, project the ball in the direction and reasonable length in your mind, pay attention to the distractions, like the sun, etc. Before swinging, look where you want to land the ball. Right before swinging, look at the ball with that in mind.

Remember to put the whole body in the swing, the arms, the torso, the hips, and make the swing a unified flow of your body. You can watch the masters and then yourself hitting to see what you need to work on.

What is the secret to a good golf swing?

Owning it. To explain this better, every swing is different and unique. Looking at the legends you can find that each of them had a different strategy, body movement, etc.

Owning the swing means knowing exactly what your goals for the ball are, utilizing your body’s whole in the swing to achieve that goal, get the right contact, the angle, and the power to the ball. Everybody does this differently.

What is the most important move in the golf swing?

Weight shift is the most important move when swinging, especially during the downswing. Weight shifting is what differentiates a good and even professional golfer from an amateur.

It all comes down to the physics of hitting and throwing. Shifting your weight from one side to the other during your swing will improve the amount of impact you have on the ball and the precision of every individual swing.

Knowing how to self-diagnose your weight-shifting is the first step of improving your golf swing


Now that you are equipped with the aforementioned 5 steps to achieving a better golf swing, we hope your dreams of becoming Tiger Woods is closer than before.

But remember, it takes a long time to learn and master the art of golf. So, don’t beat yourself too much. Good luck!

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