How to polish golf clubs? 2021 Easy way to clean-even in a couple of hours

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It’s just a day before that game you’ve waited for so long, you took your golf gear out to check it quickly, and you realized the golf clubs had lost that shine they had at the first game you played with them?

And maybe your golf partners (not to say – rivals) always have the shiniest of the gear, just tip-top. What to do?

Not to worry and panic!

Here’s the guide on how to polish golf clubs quickly, and you will be ready for tomorrow, even in a couple of hours.


Only a few things are needed to bring your drivers, woods, irons, and wedges to a shine. In order to polish the club heads properly, you will need:

  • A wide container to soak the club heads.
  • Warm water, not hot
  • Some liquid soap, any will do
  • A brush, like nylon, even a toothbrush, new or old
  • A cloth to dry them.
  • Some metal or chrome polish
  • Polishing cloth

You can probably already figure out what to do, but let’s get to it step by step and learn what to take the most care of and what to avoid.

Soaking the clubs

Our first step is to soak the clubheads into some warm water. We are doing this to soften the dirt residue so we can brush it off them. For this, we should avoid hot water, yet cold water won’t do much quickly enough.

Soaking the clubs-how to clean
Soaking the clubs

The water should be warm enough to speed up the dirt softening while protecting the glues and fittings on the club since water can damage them. Also, don’t soak the clubs too deep, only the metalheads, since we should watch out and protect the ferrules.

Taking the dirt off

Once the clubs are nicely soaked and the dirt is reasonably loose, take the nylon brush and try to brush the dirt off our clubheads. Just go along the grooves and if you need to, don’t be shy to use a toothbrush to take out the more stubborn dirt out of creases, holes, or any other place.

Taking the clubs dirt off
Taking the clubs dirt off

Scrub the heads well, yet not too harshly, since you don’t want to make a habit of wearing them too much. You’ll want to scrub off any rust and corrosion on older clubs, though, and you can use the electric polishing gear for that as well.

Once you’ve done taking the dirt off your heads, wipe them gently with a dry cloth and let them dry for a while. They shouldn’t contain any water when you start polishing them.

Polishing and final touches

Once your clubheads have dried out, it’s time to apply the metal polish you’ve prepared. Put a pea-sized amount of polish on your cloth and thoroughly apply it over the whole surface of the head.

Polishing and final touches
Polishing and final Touches

This will add a protective layer to it as well as the shine. Once the polish is thoroughly applied, wipe the remaining polish off the heads with a clean polishing cloth, and go through the whole head with it one more time.

The clubhead should turn out shiny again once you take the cloth off it. you may consider paid services.

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infographics-how to polish golf clubs?

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy it so far? I do believe you get some helpful tips from my article. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to answers asap.

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