Kick X Golf Blast Driveway with Graphite Shaft Review

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If you’re looking for a unique aesthetic, this is a driver that will start some conversations. Before that, could you give me one answer? Did you check our Budget-Friendly golf drivers post?

Not only does the crown look so different from other drivers, but you’ll also notice that the entire shape of the driver is somewhat irregular.

That is due to the presence of the two compression chambers in the head. See Price On Amazon.

Best Driver for Accuracy: Kick X Golf Blast Driveway

Features: Kick X Golf Blast Driveway

When it comes to design, this is a driver designed to serve as a driver and fairway wood combination, and the driver has 12 degrees of loft, which can help you clear some impressive distances.

The face has a huge sweet spot, which makes this a great driver for beginners, and the speed grooves on the face help make your swing very balanced and accurate.

Keeping shots straight is the bread and butter of this driver, which is why this is our best driver for accuracy. The distance on shots is also very reasonable; while it doesn’t quite have all of the oomph of some other drivers,

Most golfers won’t complain that they are performing far over par due to distance issues.

Benefits: Kick X Golf Blast Driveway

Even though this club’s head has an odd shape, it is quite a bit smaller than many of the other drivers on the market.

The club is designed as a hybrid. And driver shots and your wood shots when you have a smaller club-head.

The sweet spot seems larger, even though it is the head’s size that has changed.

Besides, the cavity that is designed into the head can help you smooth out your swing. This driver uses dual compression cavity technology, which will use the energy created by your swing to make a crack that assures you that you hit the sweet spot.

This power is significant for distance, but it also gives you exceptional control of your swing.

The shaft is painted a bright orange color, which adds a little flair to its look. This golf club also comes with a unique headcover that has quite a unique look.

It looks very similar to a boxing glove. Click here for more details.


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KICK-X GOLF Blast Driveway Driver with GRAF Shaft, Right Hand, Senior Flex, 12.5 Degree, White
8 Reviews
KICK-X GOLF Blast Driveway Driver with GRAF Shaft, Right Hand, Senior Flex, 12.5 Degree, White
  • Accuracy of a 3 wood while supplying the distance of a driver
  • Lower center of gravity optimizes ball flight and maximizes launch distance
  • Enhanced Sweet spot allows for precise shot control and greater forgiveness off the face
  • Inside the head, dual compression chambers compound pressure upon impact
  • Lightweight titanium head reduces club weight, providing faster swing speeds off the tee

Kick X Golf Blast Driveway Video Review:

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