Momentus Power Hitter Driver Review

Best Golf Driver for Distance- Momentus Power Hitter Driver

This is one of the best training aids on the market. It’s known for its beginner-optimized weighting, its versatile face, and for its ability to help golfers condition their swing. This is also a heavy driver – the Momentus weighs a full 500 grams, which can be more than two times the weight of a standard modern driver. This extra weight is just one of the conditioning tools that sets this product apart from many of the other training aids out there today.

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Aesthetic Design

Momentus Power Hitter DriverThis is a club that stands out from many of the other clubs on the market when it comes to pure looks. First, the head has a swath of bright orange coloration that has really become synonymous with the Power Hitter series. Outside of the orange, the majority of the head is an almost gunmetal gray, which has a high luster. The logo is present along the center of the head, and there are a few other things printed there like the cc, the weight of the head, and the brand name.


Head Size


The head size on the Power Hitter falls neatly into the mid range. While it’s not as thick and bulky as some products like the Big Bertha, it feels a bit wider than some of the drivers on the market. The head is a full 310 grams, which will feel a bit heavier for anyone that’s used to a standard driver, but if you’re looking to straighten out your swing, this is a great weighting for a golfer.


Course Performance


One of the best standout features of this driver is the fact that it actually comes with an instructional video, which can help you learn how to straighten out your swing and bring more control to your game. The DVD even suggests swinging with the Power Hitter and your standard driver so that you keep all of the good habits. It doesn’t flatten out the swing plane, and over time, you’ll definitely notice the arc of your swing improving. Check the manufacturer website for more details.




  • The extra weight on this product will work your core.
  • You’ll also notice that your swing will adjust so that it’s straighter and more controlled.
  • The Power Hitter DVD is very helpful.



  • It’s not the cure-all for your golf swing – it’s going to take standard practice for optimal course performance.
  • The extra weight is going to be rough for some golfers.

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