PING G400 Driver Review: Best Driver for Reducing Drag

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Suppose you are looking for PING Driver for your game! Then you are in the right place. Would you like to answer one question?

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The head of the PING G400 driver is impressive looking. It is shaped almost like an egg so that the air goes over and under the head while your ball pushes through the air.

In fact, this more streamlined design can reduce the drag on the ball by about 15 percent, which will affect your golf game drastically.

Best Driver for Reducing Drag- PING G400 Driver

This is a weighted model, so the center of gravity may be different than what you are used to, but this will help improve your average speed and distance each game.

On the face, there are lines to show you where the sweet spot is located on the driver, and if you look at the top of the head, you can see corresponding lines there as well.

This lower center of gravity is ideal for any golfer who is looking for a bit of forgiveness in their swing.

Benefits & Features_ Ping G400-G410

This driver does come with a cover, which will help protect your club when it is not used. It is also available in both right- and left-hand models, so you can consider this option no matter which hand is dominant.

This is not an adjustable option to use on the links, but if you learn which loft works best for you, you can easily purchase the right driver for your needs.

Since this is a driver that is not as adjustable as some of the other options that we have reviewed, Ping has provided you with options that you can decide upon when you are purchasing the club to play your best game of golf still.

There are two different shaft options; the first one is a mid-trajectory shaft that offers a counter to the head’s weight, while the second option is a more decadent option that will give you a lower trajectory.

There are two versions of this driver that you can choose from as well. One is designed for individuals who need to minimize the spin on their golf ball, while the other is designed to improve the accuracy of your swing by giving you a straighter flight.

The difference between these models is the location of the tungsten in the head of the club. Moving this weight will change the center of gravity a bit, and in effect, change your swing.

Before you decide which option is best for you, it is important to examine your swing to see which will benefit you more. See more details here.

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PING G400 is not available. You may consider the upgrade version below.

PING G410 Plus Driver (Right, ALTA CB Red Graphite, Regular, 10.5)
3 Reviews
PING G410 Plus Driver (Right, ALTA CB Red Graphite, Regular, 10.5)
  • Ping G410 Plus
  • Three positions (Draw, Neutral, Fade) for the ultra-high-density tungsten back weight shift the center of gravity (CG) location in each direction from neutral to influence left or right shot direction. Weight positioned on the extreme boundary increases MOI to elevate ball speed and forgiveness for hitting your tee shots longer and straighter.
  • Trajectory Tuning 2.0 in the G410 drivers utilizes a new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve that provides eight positions for influencing ball flight through loft (+/-1.5*) and lie adjustments, including up to 3* flatter than standard.
  • To accelerate ball speed for more distance, the T9S+ precision-machined forged face undergoes a patented heat-treatment process, creating a thinner, hotter impact area for maximum flexing. The forging and the head's internal geometry are key to the powerful sound and feel.

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