Powerbilt Golf- Ladies TPS Blackout Driver Review

Best Golf Driver for Controlled Swings – Powerbilt Golf- Ladies TPS Blackout Driver

One of the best aspects of golf drivers around this price range is that they are perfect for golfers that are just learning the sport. This product, which is designed exclusively for women, is a great gateway driver because it allows for a very forgiving game of golf. It has more than a few features that are designed to help you perfect your driving skills, and it has plenty of flex for powerful strokes.

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Aesthetic Design

Powerbilt Golf- Ladies TPS Blackout DriverOne of the first aesthetic features that you’ll notice about this driver is the light blue components under its base. These almost crystalline components help the driver glide along the grass so that you can have a smoother stroke. They also look unique and make for a very futuristic-looking driver. For those that want sturdiness, this driver also is made of a strong alloy that will also look attractive in your golf bag or during your swings.


Head Size


The 460cc head of this driver has a mid-sized shaping that has a good amount of weightiness for optimized control. The hitting surface, or the face, is also well crafted so that you get a good amount of distance per stroke if you’re striking from the centermost portion of the face. There’s an optimal amount of power on this driver due to its weight combined with its flex, which means that you should see a significant amount of distance when you’re out there on the links.


Course Performance


This is a semi-short driver that feels like it has the right amount of follow-through when you’re out there on the green. Additionally, the large face area provides a feeling of confidence when you’re golfing, which is very important for a beginner. Contact will also feel more solid, which can go a long way in promoting a sense of control in new golfers. Finally, this is a relatively light driver, so women won’t easily struggle and fatigue while golfing at the course.




  • This product has the dual sole weighting for a higher sense of control.
  • The grip uses Powerbilt’s custom velvet construction, which both feels great on the hands and also provides a sense of steadiness.
  • The shaft is made of blackout graphite, which provides excellent flex and stability.



  • It can feel a bit too light for experienced golfers.
  • The shaft can feel a bit too soft.
  • The club cover sometimes feels a bit too loose.

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