Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart Review

Best Golf Push Cart for Young Pros- Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart

If your child seems ready for a more professional-grade junior golf cart, then the Spin It GC Pro II is a great option for someone his or her age. In fact, this push cart has many of the features that you’d find on the pushcarts of professional golfers, which means that this is certainly a great place to start for a youngster. It even has a sturdy construction that should last a child for years of course play, and with its tripod design, stability is easily attained. I am writing now Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart Details Review.

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Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart

Junior Performance- Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart

To start, this is a product that folds succinctly. To break it down or deploy it, you simply press a single button, and it will click to readiness. One neat feature of this product is its two color choices; there is a black-colored variation as well as a pink-colored cart, which grants kids a choice of which cart best fits their emerging sense of style.


The top of the handle is also designed to be ergonomic, so course hand fatigue shouldn’t set in while your kid plays. The grip itself is rubberized, and it fits neatly in the hands, even when your child is wearing golf gloves.


Wheel Design

This is a three-wheeled product that has a narrower design that works well for stability and speed. In fact, the whole push cart is very sporty-feeling, which means that your child will have a lot of fun traveling from hole to hole. The wheels at the base have a tri-spoke design that helps contribute to the lightweight design of the cart. The wheels themselves are also thin and airless, so your child will have plenty of springiness when they are navigating the different terrains that can be found on the links.


The front wheel pivots, which also provides excellent maneuverability and control, and each can be locked into place so that your youngster can experience stability, even on an incline.



When you’re purchasing a push cart for a teenager that’s serious about their golf game, you definitely need to find a product that is loaded with competitive accessories. This product from Spin It Golf packs in more than a few useful accessories that can help optimize your young one’s games. For example, the top console has a holder for a scorecard or three, for your child’s umbrellas, and there’s even room for a holder for his or her drinks. Check Manufacture Site More Details.



  • This cart folds down very quickly and compactly – you can have it packed up in mere seconds.
  • It has a mesh net carry bag at its rear that can carry a wide array of items.
  • The wheels are a good blend of speed and maneuverability.
  • It also has plenty of room for various accessories.


  • You have to purchase the mesh bag from the manufacturer.
  • For younger golfers, this product can be a bit cumbersome.
  • The catch that keeps the cart upright can fail after a while.

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