Testing Process: The Truth About Golf Equipment Reviews – Golf Lovers

Trust Batch

We put extra effort into honesty and fact-checking with every review we do to make your game better.

Here at Golf Lovers, we pride ourselves on our attitude. Experts and coaches double-check every review page. We provide a PGA level of equipment quality checking.

High journalistic standards, ethics, and an unbiased rating process. These things always stay within our organization. The principles are simple – we convey what we like and dislike.

For years, our teams worked together to provide precise data and hands-on fact-checking. We leave nothing to chance. With our rigorous reviewing protocol, we have achieved to review hundreds of items.

This was always with our mission in mind – to provide you with vital information to improve your game.

Our reviews are based on checking the equipment for ourselves. We spent tens of thousands of dollars to get the items we wrote about.

The research team checks for the data online while our golfers’ team tries them out on the course. We consider their every word before writing a review. We never inform the manufacturer about our process.

And we never get money from everyone to influence our opinion. Independency, we believe, is the only way to integrity.

So far, our reviews have been quoted on many occasions, on many sites. Other professionals value our opinions and share them in their circles. We achieved that by building trust with our honest reviews.

The recipe for unbiased reviews

At Golf Lovers, we bring quality and objectivity to our reviews. We keep with these simple principles:

  • Attention to Data: We test the equipment ourselves to get the necessary data. We then compare them with those the manufacturer published. We always report the difference, be it good or bad. Performance checking on the golf course is our top priority.
  • -As one Golfer to Another: We focus our work with the individual needs of golfers in mind. Experienced long-year amateur over semi-professional to professional golfers work together. This is to cover the broadest spectrum of needs and gameplay possible. Transparency in this step is the key.
  • -Independency: As we say, independence leads to integrity. Each piece of equipment is bought by us and reviewed in our lab – by us. We don’t let anyone influence our opinion.

Any questions?

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