Wilson Golf Clubs Reviews-Best Trading for 2023

The Best Wilson Golf Clubs of 2023

Wilson Sports began more than a century ago as the Ashland Manufacturing Company. In the 106 years since the company’s birth, no name has become more synonymous with sporting goods.

The company has manufactured balls for many sports, and there’s even a trendy line of apparel that the company produces. In fact, on the green, it’s hard not to find Wilson Sports golfing products, and one of the most popular is their lines of golf clubs.

Having a good golf club is crucial to your golf game. Fortunately, Wilson Golf is widely regarded as a high-quality golf club for all levels of play. In this guide, you’ll see some of Wilson’s top golf club products so that you can make an educated decision on your next set.

Wilson Golf Clubs Reviews

1) WILSON Profile XD Teen Complete Golf Club Package Set – Stand Bag

The first product in the guide is considered an “ultra complete package set” because it includes everything you need to get golfing. In totality, its dimensions are 48.2 x 12.4 x 8.8 inches, which makes it a very compact set to carry on the course. Also, it weighs about 16 pounds, so carrying it from hole to hole shouldn’t be an issue.

The set includes a heel/toe putter, a fairway wood, a hybrid driver, a set of irons that ranges from six to nine, and a pitching wedge. This product was designed with ultra high-launch tech excellent for beginner learning. This set also uses a titanium matrix in its construction, which provides a good amount of flex and stability.

If you’re new, off-center hits are expected. For this reason, this product has a large sweet spot that will improve your accuracy on the swing. Also, the bag with the product is very ergonomic and lightweight yet sturdy. Both the bag and clubs have a black and yellow theme, so if this fits your sense of style, this is a good choice.

Overall, this is a set that works well for men that are taller than five feet, five inches. This product carries with it a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

On average, 70 percent of reviews for this Ultra Complete Package Set give this product a five-star rating. Overall, the understanding is that these are great for beginners looking to learn the game.

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2) Wilson Men’s Profile XD Complete Golf Set

The second product is another complete golf set with a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, irons from six to nine, a pitching wedge, sand wedges, and a putter. Wilson also included a lightweight cart bag with a red, grey, and black design that matches the clubs. The bag has legs that let it stand easily when you’re at the hole.

Overall, the set is 52.5 x 13.5 x 9.4 inches and weighs almost 19 pounds. As a result, this is a reasonably easy-to-carry set, especially considering how easy it is to set down at the hole.

The set is designed explicitly for faster swings, which is excellent for more experienced golfers. Additionally, there is a deep cavity construction that can provide more accurate shots. With all of these useful features for more experienced golfers, it’s also advantageous that the set is a sizable sweet spot for beginners. Each club blends a construction that includes graphite and steel; the driver is forged titanium.

The product is also designed specifically for men and has a sizing that works well for men of most heights. Like other Wilson products, this set of clubs is covered by a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

This is a well-liked set. More than half of the reviews for this product are five-star, and the consensus is that this is an excellent set for the money. Many reviewers also consider this to be a good intermediate set of clubs.

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3) Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

This is another set of clubs with a yellow-and-black aesthetic that is also great for beginners. Like other sets of this type, the golf bag stands independently and includes just about every club you’ll need for your game. The set consists of a titanium driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, irons that range from a five iron to a standard pitching wedge, and a putter.

The shafts on most clubs are iron steel, which is a good material for beginners. The grips on the clubs are also in the standard design, which is helpful for beginners to learn. The set has a sizing of 47 x 12.5 x 10 inches, which is relatively standard. When it comes to the weight of the set, it’s about nine pounds, which is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Regarding the feature set, these clubs are designed for beginners. Not only is the sweet spot on the clubs fairly large to compensate for off-center hits, but they are also durable for learners. These even have a graphite shaft, a great material for just about any setting.

Out of the reviews for this product, more than 63 percent of the reviews are five-star quality. This is a relatively large percentage, and the primary understanding is that these are a friendly, lightweight, and inexpensive set perfect for beginners.

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4) Wilson Golf Women’s 2017 Ultra Package Set

As the first set in this guide designed for women, this is also a very aesthetically attractive set for ladies looking for a premium-looking experience. Regarding the sizing, this is a mid-sized women’s set that weighs about 15 pounds. Most women will also be able to use the club’s thanks to the excellent sizing – if you’re under five foot, 10 inches, you should be comfortable.

The product is also rich in features. These are designed for beginners, and the game improvement technology greatly narrows the gap between beginner and intermediate players. This product features a more prominent sweet spot so that lower accuracy is accounted for. The shafts are flexible, and each club has a lightweight design.

The set includes a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, six through nine irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. The bag and the clubs have a purple and white design that looks great, and Wilson also designed each club for a woman’s lower center of gravity. The bag includes a strap so you can carry it from hole to hole, and it will stand on its own.

The shafts on these clubs are made of steel for the most part, except the driver and the fairway wood, which have carbon shafts. These well-built clubs are durable and have enough flex to improve your game. Over 65 percent of the reviews are five-star, and the general belief is that these are great for beginners and casual golfers.

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5) Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set

Learning golf at a young age is beneficial, so an excellent junior golf set for teens can be a good purchase. This set, part of the Wilson Profile series, is a nine-piece set that includes a driver, a hybrid, a long iron and short iron, a wedge, a putter, a golf bag, and two head covers. The aesthetic design combines blue, light grey, and dark grey.

The golf bag is freestanding and has a good balance to it. It has a size of 8.9 x 8.9 x 42.8 inches. It’s also very lightweight; the entire bag only weighs about 9.7 pounds. This set is designed specifically for boys, and as a result, so is the shaft’s length, weight, and flex. There’s also a double strap system so the bag can be carried on the shoulders.

This set also has some features that can help a young golfer learn. The sweet spot is overlarge, which can help golfers learn to center their shots gradually. Additionally, these have a lot of lofts so that a younger player can carry the ball further. Each of the clubs is also designed to help your youngster learn to line up their shots thanks to a very descriptive design on the club heads.

Like many Wilson clubs, this product has a one-year warranty covering any damage or manufacturing issues. When it comes to reviews, the overwhelming majority of reviews have granted this product a five-star rating (82 percent). Most agree that this is an excellent go-to product for young men looking to learn golf.

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6) Wilson Unisex Profile XD Golf Complete Set

Similarly to how it is for juniors, purchasing senior golf club sets for older players can be better. These golf clubs, which are also unisex, are designed to meet the needs of seniors with different swing characteristics. These are designed to augment your game, and the set includes a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a set of irons with large sweet spots, a pitching wedge, a putter, and a grey and blue cart bag that matches the clubs.

The sizing on this set is 52.5 x 13.3 x 9 inches, and the whole set weighs about 20 pounds. Each club is well-made and light enough for a senior’s needs. The shafts on the irons are made of graphite, and the bag has slots designed for groupings of two clubs a piece.

There are features on these clubs that are great for seniors that are new to the game. But in addition to these, there are some for those that know golf but can’t play to their previous level of expertise. These include a larger sweet spot, a high level of loft, and a larger diameter grip. The loft is useful for those that don’t have as much physical strength, and the larger diameter grip is great for arthritis.

Like other Wilson products, the company covers these clubs for a year. When it comes to reviews, about 63 percent are five-star. Most reviewers feel these help restore golf skills to those losing them due to age.

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7) Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

The final set is part of the Wilson Ultra golf club’s women’s line of products. Once again, this is a complete package set that includes six through nine irons, a pitching wedge, a driver, a mallet putter, a cart bag, a hybrid, and a fairway wood. Several of the component clubs come complete with covers, and the cart bag that comes in the set can stand on its thanks to a wide base and has a light grey and white visual aesthetic.

Its dimensions are 47.6 x 12.9 x 9.8, and the whole set weighs just under 15 pounds. As a women’s set, the clubs are designed for those with a lower center of gravity, and there is also a lot of flex to each club. Insofar as construction, the irons, putters, and hybrid are constructed using steel shafts, and the driver and fairway wood have graphite and steel constructions.

These are right-handed clubs; the company has also included matching head covers for several clubs. These are great for beginners due to a large sweet spot and a high amount of loft. These are designed for standard-sized women, but there are also options for taller players. Also, the grips have normal sizing.

Reviews are favorable for these clubs; about 66 percent of the reviewers have given five-star reviews. The general understanding is that they are a great set that’s lightweight and a good beginner set.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right Wilson set is crucial for those looking to play an intense game of golf. The sets featured in this guide are all excellent for your time on the green, and many are perfect for beginners. Look through the featured products, and hopefully, you’ll find one that helps take your golf game to the next level.

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