Cobra Women’s Fly-Z XL Golf Driver Review

Best Golf Driver for the Ladies- Cobra Women’s Fly-Z XL Golf Driver

While this driver for women typically only falls slightly lower than the pricing top end of this guide, it’s definitely worth the investment. If you take a moment to look at its design, it’s very clear that Cobra has tweaked its body to ensure that just about every golfer will be able to derive value from its features. In fact, it’s due to some of these design choices that this driver is widely considered one of the smoothest-swinging drivers on the market. In addition to this, this version is specifically designed for women, so it has a lighter design and has a good amount of spring.

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Aesthetic Design

Cobra Women's Fly-Z XL Golf DriverThis is one impressive-looking product that has a design that makes the driver appear to faster. The crown of the driver is gunmetal gray and has some neat-looking lines along the edge. The Cobra logo is emblazoned near the leading edge of the driver, which is also positioned near to the sweet spot of the driver. Cobra designed this product to also have channels at the base that will prevent dragging and will make your swing easier, and these features contribute to the overall look of the club.


Head Size


At 460cc, the head of this product is larger than many clubs on the market, and this is for a reason, it can add to the confidence of a newer golfer’s swing. In fact, with the combination of the logo placement and the large body, it’s easier to get a bead on where the ball needs to be hit. The red-tinted design notes also add a sense of speed to the experience, and the large Cobra and Fly-Z XL logos at the base will be noticed by your golfing buddies.


Course Performance


In practice, this is a driver that’s designed to get your ball airborne, so if you’re planning on slicing to the right or left, this might not be the product for you. That being said, this is definitely a distance product, and it’s perfect for helping newer golfers get to the hole faster. Additionally, consistency is very high with this driver – you can expect to have a fairly stable performance with all of your drives. More details here.




  • This driver makes a great sound when you strike the golf ball.
  • It’s very consistent and launches the ball with relative ease.
  • The sound that it makes can help new golfers understand where the sweet spot is.


  • A non-beginner golfer may have issues with control.

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