PGX Offset Golf Driver Review-Best for Lefties

Best Golf Driver for Lefties- PGX Offset Golf Driver

If you’re looking for a truly striking driver, this PGX Offset is a great place to start – it comes in left-handed and right-handed varieties, and it has offset tech that will help you reduce your slice. This feature also ensures that your strikes are square so that you can have a straighter drive when you need it. Effectively, this is a top-tier training driver due to the fact that it has a larger sweet spot, which will ensure that a little bit of imprecision won’t ruin your golf game. This is also a great trainer because its lie and loft are designed to help you correct your stroke.

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Aesthetic Design

PGX Offset Golf DriverWhen you first look at this driver, the first thing you’re sure to notice is how cool it is. It has a green and black design that will look great during most games, and you’d be surprised how much a good-looking driver can add to the confidence of a beginner. The face is the only larger aspect of the driver that isn’t black or white; in fact, it looks almost cut from the body of the driver, which once again makes the whole PGX driver look strikingly unique.


Head Size


The head size of this product is well within the mid- to the high-end range at 460cc. PGX opted to make this driver somewhat lighter so that newbies to golf can have an easier time on the shot. The entire club only weighs about 200 grams, and the weight distribution feels very comfortable for just about any level of golfer.


Course Performance


When it comes to overall course performance, its design will ensure that there will be minimal fatigue – even if you opt to play a few rounds. The offset tech is also very useful for just about any golfer that wants to correct their swing somewhat. Additionally, you won’t have a hard time keeping hold of this club; it has excellent grip, and it will swing like a charm without any drag. more details here.




  • This is an inexpensive golf driver that has some high-quality features for beginners.
  • It’s very light, so you won’t have to deal with fatigue.
  • It comes with a head cover that’s very aesthetically attractive.



  • It’s important to understand that this isn’t a club that may be legal in all tournaments due to the extra large sweet spot.
  • It is noticeably shorter than many competing drivers.

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