Mizuno JPX-850 Driver Review: Best Driver for a Beginner

Best Driver for a Beginner- Mizuno JPX-850 Driver

One of the aspects that makes this driver stand out from the rest is the bright blue color of the club that really shines in the sun. In addition, the head of the driver is also rounder than you may be used to, but if you use the tools that you are given to line up your swing, you will love the way that this driver cracks the balls when you hit the sweet spot. However, if you miss the sweet spot, you will not notice much of a difference in the speed and the distance of the ball. The launch and the spin on the ball will also remain roughly the same, regardless of how perfect your swing is.

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This is a driver that is highly adjustable; since the hosel only has a 9.5-degree loft, it is not quite as adjustable as some models. There are two weights in the head of this model that are eight grams each, and you can change the positioning of the weights so the center of gravity on the driver can be set to accommodate your swing and play style.


The driver that most love is the fact that there is a marking on the top of the head that will help you line up your swing, and there are also several lines on the face of the club that can help you make the perfect shot each time you swing. Additionally, you will find that it is easy to get the lift and the distance that you need with this driver because the loft can easily be adjusted on the head.


There is also a quick switch feature where the head connects to the shaft that allows you to quickly change between presets when you need to adjust your swing. This makes it easy to adjust your swing, or if you want, you can share your driver with another person, and you can both still have the perfect driver for your golfing needs. This is great beginners who are learning to play together so that you do not have to purchase more than one driver while you are still learning the game.

Unfortunately, this is a left-handed driver, so if you are looking for a right-handed model, then this may not be the driver for you. See more details here.


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