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Zipping Around the Course with an Electric Golf Cart

When you’re out on the golf course, carrying your gear either requires a caddy, a strong back, or a good golf cart, and while a push or pull cart can offer a lot of conveniences, a good electric golf cart can be truly luxurious. The best electric golf cart will have lockable wheels on inclines and may even be remote-controlled, which can add a lot of ease to your game because the last thing you want is to be fatigued before you get to the last hole.

In fact, there’s even an electric golf push cart that follows you around the course. In just about any situation, there’s a lot of value to owning a cart of this type, especially if you have a condition that makes strenuous exercise a problem. let starts now the best electric golf carts review.

The Motor’s Horsepower

Since these are motorized, these carts are full-fledged vehicles that can sometimes reach speeds that exceed 20 miles per hour. The motor varies from cart to cart, but having a cart that can make your transition from hole to hole easier can be a real godsend for a golfer. As a result of a higher horsepower product, you can cut more than an hour off of your game.

The Carrying Capacity- Best Electric Golf Carts

A cart of this type might not be just convenient for you, some of these carts can carry as much as six people, which means that your entire golf party can reap the benefits of your purchase. Additionally, models of electric golf cart usually have ample room for everyone’s golf gear, which means these are great for groups of golfers where not everyone has a push or pull a cart of their own. Some of these carts are even street legal.

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Electric Golf Push Cart that Follows You

Some of these carts cannot carry passengers, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t amazingly convenient, especially since many of these types will actively follow you around the course. These carts are very convenient and can sometimes even be controlled via smartphone.

Electric Golf Carts

Best Electric Golf Carts:

1) Spin It Golf Products GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart – Best Electric Cart for the Budget-Minded

Spin It Golf Products GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy the convenience of an electric-powered golf cart, then this product from lesser-known company Spin In is a good place to start. This product is remote-controlled, and it’s very easy to command the cart to follow you as you move from hole to hole.

The electric cart has two 200-watt motors, which means that there’s plenty of power to spare, and you should easily be able to have a full round of golf between charges. The tires are also very impressive because they are completely airless and are designed to manage most terrains with relative ease. head over the manufacturing site and more details.

The remote is also very simple and is small enough to fit easily in a pocket during your game.


  • The tires are made of rubber and are versatile on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • The motors provide a lot of power for the cart to get over inclines and rough terrain.
  • When you’re finished golfing, the cart folds down.


  • The battery can cease to hold a charge.
  • The cart can jump when you bring it to a stop.

2) Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart – Best Electric Cart for Innovative Features

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric CartIf you have a bit of a budget, then this product, which comes from Stewart Golf, is a cart that has more than a few excellent features. One of the first things you’ll notice is how sleek the product is; it looks almost like a sports car, and it has some very futuristic-looking wheels.

This unique design belies the fact that this is a feature-rich cart; it has Bluetooth follow tech that allows the cart to follow you when you move around, and it features a remote that can help you lock and unlock the cart with ease. This remote also grants direct control, so placing the cart where you want it to be is very easy.

This is a four-wheel product, so you can expect stability when you’re moving around the hilly areas, and there’s storage space for balls, tees, your pencil, and even the scorecard. More Details on the actual company website.


  • When you don’t want to manage the cart, it can follow you to and fro.
  • This is a very sleek product.
  • It’s built by hand and is very durable.


  • This isn’t as maneuverable as it could be.
  • It doesn’t fold down to a much smaller size.

3) FTR Caddytrek R2 Black Robotic Electric Golf Cart – Best Electric Cart for Following

FTR Caddytrek R2 Black Robotic Electric Golf CartOne of the most impressive features of this electric cart is its excellent follow mode; the cart will lock into your position using the handset, and then intuitively follow you at a distance of six paces. This follow mode is very accurate and even will adjust to your pace. This cart can even follow without recharging for a full 27 holes, which means that you can almost squeeze in two full games before you have to plug it in.

When it comes time to charge, the company offers external batteries that can extend the operation of the Caddytrek product, which is very useful. Additionally, the four-wheel design makes tackling inclines very simple.


  • This is a relatively lightweight product that folds down neatly.
  • The wheels are designed to tackle a wide variety of surfaces.
  • The handset that enables follow mode also provides some intuitive manual controls.


  • The follow mode doesn’t quite work as well when navigating downhills.
  • The tires are a bit too textured and tend to pick up sod.

4) Bat-Caddy X4R Lithium Electric Golf Cart Bat Caddy – Best Electric Cart for Reliability

Bat-Caddy X4R Lithium Electric Golf Cart Bat Caddy When you need a cart that can last for a full two games of golf, this product, which comes from Bat-Caddy, is a great choice. It has a 36-hole battery charge, and it has more than enough power and reliability to manage just about any course conditions. This is a rear-wheel drive cart, which helps the cart get over inclines and through muddy and adverse conditions with ease.

Despite this impressive functionality, the cart folds neatly to a small size and only weighs an incredible 24 pounds. This means that there’s very little work needed for using this cart on the green, so you’ll be refreshed during your game.


  • This is a very functional product that has an impressive 36-hole range on a single charge.
  • This is a lightweight cart; it only weighs about 24 pounds.
  • There’s storage space for a scorecard, balls, and tees.


  • Even though the product has three wheels, it doesn’t maneuver as well as it should.
  • This product wouldn’t win any awards for aesthetic design.

5) Bag Boy Quad Navigator Cart – Best Electric Cart for Staying On-Track

Bag Boy Quad Navigator CartBag Boy is one of the leaders in modern golf cart technology, and this product, which has a truly unique wheel design also shows how much the company likes to innovate. In fact, the hollow-style wheels may even remind you of a moon lander because the wheel cylinders are so long. This unique design allows the wheels to handle inclines, bumps, and also maintain control and speed when traveling downhill.

Even though this product has four wheels, the front wheel assembly can swivel, which makes this a great product to maneuver with. It comes with a remote control, and the device even incorporates a gyroscope that will keep the cart on the track. see more details here.


  • The display is full-color so that it’s easy to track speed settings and battery level.
  • This product easily and securely attaches any kind of golf bag.
  • This is a very easy-to-assemble golf cart – you can easily have it ready to go within an hour of your golf trip.


  • The remote control could use tactile buttons so that you can control by feel.
  • The speed control could be smoother.

6) Cart Tek Gri-1500Li (Silver) Remote Power Electric Golf Caddy with Free Accessories – Best Electric Cart for Adjustability

Cart Tek Gri-1500Li (Silver) Remote Power Electric Golf Caddy with Free AccessoriesThe most basic attribute of one of these products should be accessibility – the last thing you want is to own an electric golf cart that is a struggle to use. For this reason, this product from Cart Trek stands out because it has an adjustable handle that will let you decide on its height. This makes controlling the cart and accessing its load much more intuitive for both shorter and taller people.

This is also a very durable product; the company opted to use aircraft-grade aluminum so that you can expect it to last through years of golf play. On a single charge, you can also expect up to 36 holes of play, which means that you can play for a full two games.


  • With its aluminum body, this product weighs less than 23 pounds.
  • It has a holder, where you can carry your scorecards and golf balls.
  • This is a product that folds down to a very compact size.


  • If you’re not careful, this is a golf cart that’s prone to tipping over.
  • The wheels could have used some treads so that uphill operation wouldn’t strain the batteries.

7) Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Golf Cart – Best Electric Cart for Foldability

Spitzer EL100 Lithium-Ion Electric Golf Cart Since this scooter-like golf cart uses an advanced lithium-ion battery, it has an impressive amount of power and range for such a lightweight product. It’ll last you for a full game and also works as a standard push cart should the batteries fail during your game. This is an excellent cart for foldability; it only takes about five seconds to break it down and deploy it.

Like some other products, the power is generated in the back wheel assembly, which means that this is a scooter that has an impressive pickup. Need to mix up the speed? This product has a variable speed adjustment, which is great for when you need it to catch up to you. head over the Spitzer Website for more details.


  • The tubular design makes this a very lightweight yet sturdy electric golf cart.
  • This is a cart that folds down to a relatively small size, and it does this in mere seconds.
  • Spitzer made this product very easy to maneuver and control.
  • There are multiple speed settings.


  • If you’re going to play multiple games, this may not be the product for you.
  • The scorecard holder runs a bit small and doesn’t cover every type of card.

8) NovaCaddy Luxury Electric Remote Control Golf Trolley Cart – Best Electric Cart for Luxury

NovaCaddy Luxury Electric Remote Control Golf Trolley Cart Aesthetic design and elegance were goals when NovaCaddy designed this product – it has beautiful lines, elegant wheels, and is made of attractive stainless steel. This cart also is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which allows this product to provide a 36-hole performance.

The wheels are also very large, which means that you’ll easily be able to navigate over uneven ground, and since the front wheel is very reactive to the terrain, you’ll find this to be a very maneuverable cart.

To control the product, you can use the included remote, which has three different speed settings for your convenience.


  • The stainless steel frame is very attractive.
  • The attached holder can hold your spare golf balls and scorecards.
  • The remote can be used from 120 yards away.


  • The cart can be a bit on the heavier side of things.
  • The large, open wheels can sometimes pick up debris.

Final Thoughts

The best electric golf cart can make your game so much more comfortable and relaxing, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being almost totally unburdened while you hit the links. The products covered in this guide are all excellent golf carts for just about any golf course, so select the one that has the best features for your game based on the information we provided. Remember, the average size of a golf course is 150 acres, so finding the right product that can navigate these sometimes hilly courses is crucial.

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