Golferpal Total Automatic Folding Golf Push Cart Review

Best Golf Cart with Automatic Folding Ability- Golferpal Total Automatic Folding Golf Push Cart.

Sometimes, a kid needs extra stability when they are learning the exciting game of golf, and for this reason, some tripod-style golf carts don’t always do the job. This product, which has a four-wheel design, has some impressive features that you’d expect on a top-of-the-line golf cart for adults, and it’s got a nice and sturdy construction that makes it a great choice for a young golfer that’s really learning the golfing ropes. I am going to write now Golferpal Total Automatic Folding Golf Push Cart Details Review.

Golferpal Total Automatic Folding Golf Push Cart

Junior Performance- Golferpal Total Automatic Folding Golf Push Cart

Put simply, this cart stands out because it has automatic folding. When you’re ready to hit the road, you can simply press the button, and the cart will fold itself up. The product is also made of lightweight materials, so once it’s folded up, you or your child can simply pick it up and place it in the car or the trunk. Golferpal also designed this cart to be well-balanced, so your child won’t have issues pushing it to and fro across the golf course. In fact, one of the first things that you might notice is that the central hub is very sturdy, which means that a child will have a very hard time throwing the product off balance as he or she pushes it across the course.


Wheel Design

You’ll love the large wheels that Golferpal has included with this product. In fact, these are some of the largest golf cart wheels on the market, with each wheel being about 10.75 inches in diameter. This wide design means that obstacles like loose rocks, wet soil, and even branches will be easily navigable – the wheels will go up and over. In fact, this unique design can even help the cart find its footing on snow-covered courses, and the large spaces between the spokes will help the cart push through loose debris with ease.


Each of the wheels is made of rubber and require no inflation, which makes this cart a very low-maintenance option for a young golfer.



When it comes to accessories, this cart has a well-featured console that has room for extra balls, a drink, your child’s scorecards, and even an umbrella. The console even has room for tees and has an easy brake so that your child can lock the wheels when necessary. The battery of this product is positioned at the main junction, and it has a capacity that should not need charging for a full six months of regular, weekly play. Check this site for more details.



  • The one-touch folding and unfolding system makes this an easy to transport product.
  • It folds down very compactly so that you can fit it almost anywhere.
  • The main console has a wide array of accessories and accessory holders.
  • The product has an ergonomic design that is easy to use and has wheels that pivot and tilt easily.


  • It can be tough to put together for the first time.
  • The easy brake isn’t always easy to reach during a game.
  • It isn’t as maneuverable as a three-wheel product.

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