ProActive Sports Big Styx Junior Golf Push Cart Review

Best Lightweight Junior Golf Push Cart- ProActive Sports Big Styx Junior Golf Push Cart

If you are looking for a golf cart that is going to be extremely easy for your young golfer to carry around, then the Proactive Sports Big Styx Junior Golf Push Cart is worth considering. It has a very kid-friendly weight of 6.5 pounds, and it is easy for a kid to use without the assistance of an adult.

ProActive Sports Big Styx Junior Golf Push Cart

Junior Performance-ProActive Sports Big Styx Junior Golf Push Cart

This lightweight model is ideal for kids because adding a junior golf bag to this push cart is not going to make it incredibly heavy and difficult to maneuver on the links. The frame of the cart is made from steel, so it will be able to last for a long time without rusting because of the rain and other inclement weather that you encounter on the course. The strap that holds the bag in place can easily be adjusted to accommodate any golf bag that is larger than 26 inches.

Wheel Design

This is a push cart that is designed with only two wheels. There is afoot at the front of the cart that can help stabilize it when it is not being used, and this can be a great addition for when you need to leave the cart on a slight incline. The wheels of this cart are large, which will help your youngster traverse the sand and high grass of any course. These thick wheels are especially great when it just rained because they can easily grip any type of terrain.


This is a golf push cart that does not come with a lot of accessories, which is fine for a junior golfer who will most likely have a parent with them on the course. However, it may not be the ideal option for an older teenager who needs to have a place to store their keys, cell phone, and wallet while they are playing. Check Here More Details.


  • This golf cart is very easy to carry.
  • The wheels on this cart can be removed for easy storage.
  • This lightweight model can be used by kids of all ages because the bag strap is adjustable.
  • This is an ideal first golf cart to use so that your child can get used to the game.


  • Unfortunately, there is not a braking system on this push cart, so you will not want to leave it on a hill.
  • Small golf bags may not fit on this cart as well.
  • There are no accessories on this push cart, so you may need to carry your child’s drinks and other necessities.

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